Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel!!!

January 2, 2010

I went to see this movie yesterday!!! It was really funny… I don’t want to say too much, but Dave ends up in the hospital, so his I think it was his aunt, was supposed to take care of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. But when they go to the airport, her wheelchair gets knocked down the stairs, and she winds up in the hospital too!! so they have to stay with Toby who nobody trusts, PLUS go to school! what can go wrong??? Here are some screencaps from the trailer:

i reccomend the movie to EVERYBODY!!!!


Mady and Cara’s Crazy Show!!!

January 1, 2010

Can YOU guess Who’s Who?!?!

December 31, 2009

Ready to take THE challenge? You haven’t seen any pictures of me or my twin so guess who is who! If you already know, then PLEASE don’t comment. 🙂 Here are the pictures (sorry if some are blurry):

Comment down below to guess who you think is who (is Vivienne/Ava on the right or the left?) I will come back on here in a couple of days to tell you the answer.


December 26, 2009

SO……….. today is Christmas!!!!!! And I got some really cool presents today that I will………not show you. Just kidding just kidding just kidding. I will!!!! This was the best Christmas ever!!! When i said that to my parents, they just said, “you say that every year Vivi!” oh well….

American Girl doll Molly.

She is AMAZING!!! Now Julie has a little friend. I wasn’t expecting her at all…

Vado Video Camera

i am soooo happy that i got this!!!! It is really fun to record things!!!!!! so far i have recorded Julia singing really badly on the Sing it thing. She sang the Jonas Brothers burnin up and when she was done she just said, “i sing the Jonas Brothers better then the Jonas Brothers!” and we are all just standing there not looking at her at all. 🙂 wowee!!!!

The Wii

this was actually a family hamidown gift from my cousin. he gave it to us because he is going to college soon and he thought we would want it. so we got some really cool games for it too!!! we got this iCarly game which is A LOT of fun!!! and then we have this Sing It game which gets really annoying because Julia won’t stop singing!!!! She sang the Hoedown Throwdown too and she was just so loud!!!! she was screaming into the microphone!!! i bet i could do better then her but i never even played it. I will play it when we get home i guess to prove that i am better than her. 😀 (wouldn’t it be funny if i got a worse score than her???)

Ava and I got these beds to share. We had to get the extra bunk thing because we now have 4 dolls all together!!!! wowee!! but  i have wanted a bed for SO long!! (ever since i got Julie last Christmas!!!)i love these beds!!!! our dolls are sleeping on them tonight back at home

that is basically what i got. I also got some little things in my stocking and some things from family. I love Christmas ❤

Merry Christmas! (crazy day)

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas everybody! I have had a crazy day. it was so crazy around our house today. everybody was running around and wrapping paper was EVERYWHERE. but i still love Christmas. I know you are all DYING to hear what crazy things happened so far today! well, here is a list for you:

1. so we were on our way to my aunt’s house (that is where I am right now) and we kept on forgetting things at the house!! first I told mommy to get some gloves for me and she said she would. (i forgot them and I was already buckled) she went back in the house and then she came out without the gloves! and i waited until she sat down and buckled to ask her if she had my gloves. SO she went back in the house to get my gloves and she actually came out with them!! but then Ava realized that she left her things IN THE HOUSE!! so we all had to unbuckle for her to get out of the car and she did. she spent a long time inside! and when she got back outside, Jake said he had to go to the bathroom!!! oh boy… so now everybody had to unbuckle ONCE AGAIN and he got inside. and then when he finally came out, we left. And then daddy left the house and went a quarter of the way up the driveway when mommy said for him to put the salt away in the shed. SO he got out and put the salt away in the shed and took about 5 minutes to try to get the lights working. (they weren’t working) so he came back and went up the driveway and stopped to get the newspapers. We started driving down the road and then daddy thought that he didn’t close the garage!!! now we had to go back and see if he closed the garage. and guess what? HE DID!!!!! So in about 37 minutes we went NOWHERE. (sigh)

2. So Julia got a paddleball thing in her stocking for Christmas and we all didn’t know she was AMAZING at it. So she started using it and she just WOULDN’T STOP!!!!! it got very annoying!!!! And the worst part was, she was COUNTING OUT LOUD. So I think she got to 451. wowee!!

3. This wasn’t today, but yesterday my siblings and I played charades. I rolled the die and I got a 1. I looked at the little card thing, and it said I had to act out a bottle cap!!! so I started pretending to screw the bottle cap onto the bottle. but Jake said a sink (where did he get that from???) and Ava thought I was stirring something??? wowee!!

4. And like I said in the Interview with me section, Julia tried sticking a magnet to her braces!!!! she just asked us, “hey guys, do you dare me to stick this magnet to my braces?” and she didn’t even wait for us to answer her!!!! double wowee!!

5. So my aunt made this weird stuff to go on the meat and it was soooo sticky! It was like caramel and it was SO funny. And now she doesn’t think she can get it out of the saucer thing!!! triple wowee!!

6. My aunt had this family game that asked a lot of questions. It was soooo weird. It was just like, who holds your family together? And I said “me” everytime! I just said, “I hold our family together like glue and… (pause) whatever you want to hold together.” quadruple wowee!!

Sigh. Christmas is just so relaxing.